About Us

At the Great Scott Agency, we believe solid business fundamentals, experience, and strong listening skills, define the best course of action for our clients.

We use proven strategies along with digital and traditional tactics to create success.

Client Industries: Entertainment, Education, Technology, Health Care, Medical Aesthetics, Imaging, and Consumer Devices.

Offerings For Sales:

If you need sales now, The Great Scott Agency can get them for you. You’ll get real customers for the money you spend, not just confusing metrics. Whether you are B-to-B or B-to-C, we can help.

Sales Representation

If you need “feet on the street”, we’ll connect with prospective or existing clients and manage sales funnels.

Sales Plans

Finding and keeping customers can take up a lot of your time so we’ll create your sales plan and set up your sales channels, prepare quotes, conduct proposal reviews, and close deals.

Relationship Development

Finding the decision-makers and developing the relationships to close deals takes time. We’ll get you to the right people with our vast network of connections.

Need growth or to cut costs? Or, are you trying to launch a new product or service? Our methods are based on minimizing cost, risk, and your time. Whether your customers are technical or more on the aesthetic side, we’ll help you meet our goals.

Competitive Analysis

Avoid common mistakes. Your new product or service will go to market faster, with lower cost and risk.

Launch Products or Services

Your new product or service will go to market faster and with less cost and risk. We can save you the stress of common mistakes.

Operating Efficiency

We’ll show you ways to cut costs and keep customers satisfied?

Offerings For Marketing:

Do you have the time or resources to do your own digital marketing? When you work with us, your marketing elements work well together. We simplify digital marketing so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own or waste money.

Digital Marketing

“Stand out from the crowd” and get marketing with unique online profiles, websites, digital ads, social media, and email campaigns not copied from others.

Event Marketing

Get the most out of events. We’ll prepare presentations, get people to your event, and provide post-event follow up so you get more for your money.

Marketing Support

Need help with those pictures and videos? Your Before and After pictures and video clips will be edited to the right formats saving you the hassle.